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Kansas auto accident claims the living of two kids and leaves 3 others wounded

Author: Myron Gibbs

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Kansas - Two little ones were definitely killed and 3 others had been injured in a auto accident this morning.

An Oldsmobile was heading east on 134th Street and did not yield to a TrailBlazer that was heading south on Meriden Road.

The Trailblazer hit the driver's side of the other automobile close to 8 a.m. and killed Katelynn Spencer and Alissa Spencer, five.

Madelynn Spencer, 4, sustained severe injuries and was airlifted to Children's Mercy Hospital. The driver of the Oldsmobile, Stephanie Spencer, 33, was airlifted to Stormont Vail hospital with considerable incidents as nicely.

Kansas Highway Patrol stated that no just one in the Oldsmobile was wearing their seatbelts.

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Robert Hutchins, 27, was driving the TrailBlazer. He incurred non-existence threatening incidents and was taken to Stormont Vail hospital.

When questioned, witnesses revealed that Spencer did not end at the intersection's cease sign. Meriden does not have a cease sign, therefore Hutchins had the appropriate of way.

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Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/law-articles/kansas-auto-accident-claims-the-living-of-two-kids-and-leaves-3-others-wounded-2952446.html

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10 Responses to Kansas Child Custody Laws

  1. *LaLa* says:

    kansas/colorado custody & child support laws?
    Is it illegal to use Colorado laws in a kansas court room? My friend is going to child support court for his son soon. Son living in colorado w/ his mom for his whole life. What kind of custody/child support laws is he going to have to follow..kansas or colorado???

    • CaCO3Girl says:

      The jurisdiction is where ever the child lives, as long as he has lived there more than 6 months.

      If your friend lives in a different state than his son, that state has no jurisdiction over that case and should be dismissed.

      A judge in Kansas can’t use “colorado laws” they are a Judge for their state and can’t rule on another states case.

      Your friend is going to have to hire a Colorado Lawyer and be present himself, or telephone in for the hearing.

      Also, if he was NOT married to the Mom demand a DNA test. If he was married they have him either way, but there are A LOT! of dad’s paying child support for kids that aren’t even theirs, no matter how faithful he thinks she was, most judges will require a DNA test anyway. Without DNA he also has ZERO rights to have visitation or custody decided. He must be proven to be the father through the courts. As an unmarried dad he has zero rights to that child, and the mom has ZERO rights to child support until he is proven to be the dad in a court of law.

      If he doesn’t object and request a DNA test he will be financially responsible for that child until he is 18, even if he finds out he isn’t the dad.

  2. evilxtormentedxsoul says:

    Child custody laws in Kansas?
    I know an 10 year old that lives with her father, her mother is dead. Her grandfather also has guardianship over her, but she wants to live with her grandfather and not her father, would she be able to make a choice whenever she is 13 or 14? or will something have to happen in her fathers household in order for her to be taken away and live with her grandfather? She has 4 other siblings so it’s not ideal for all of them to get taken away, she just feels better with her grandfather so what would have to take place for her to live with her grandfather?

    • ∞infiniti∞ says:

      She can decide for herself once she turns 18.

      Once a child has reach 12 or 13 her wishes will be taken into consideration by the courts. However, the court only rules on what is in the best interest of the child, and not what the child, grandpa, or even daddy wants.

      If grandpa thinks that she will be better off living with him, then grandpa needs to take daddy to court and sue him for custody. That is not going to be easy. Usually children are not taken away from their parents unless there is abuse or neglect in the family.

  3. bpb105 says:

    child custody visitation?
    i have visits with a step child and get no visits she lives im missouri and im in kansas i have legal court order how do i get missouri court to enforce my order i went to police dept with no luck say they dont have to enforce kansas law any help from missouri law thanks

    • George McCasland says:

      Contact me through Dads House. I’m in OPKS. You can file a motion to enforce in Kansas without a lawyer, and she can’t bring one either. But, there are steps to take first. Once you have an order to enforce, you register it in her county, than talk to the police.

      In 1988, I got Missouri’s RSMO 565.156-1(5) passed:
      1. A person commits the crime of child abduction if he or she:
      (5) Having legal custody of the child pursuant to a valid court order, removes, takes, detains, conceals or entices away that child within or without the state, without good cause, and with the intent to deprive the custody or VISITATION RIGHTS of another person.

      2. Child abduction is a class D felony.


  4. bpb105 says:

    child custody kansas /vs / missouri HELP -FAST?
    me and now ex wife lived in kansas she moved to missouri im still in ks in the kansas divorce i was givin parent time with step daughter like nornal visit but ex wife refuses turn the child over missouri says they dont enforce ks law and anyone know how i can see child stuck in missouri HELP me

    • shaun m says:

      WHo told you that they cannot enforce a law from another state?
      that is a bidding court order.
      I believe that they are mistaken.
      Is there any way that you can hire an attorney or better yet, take the order that you have and go back into court and tell the judge that she is refusing to abide by it.
      Thank you for standing up for your right to see your step daughter.
      Many men dont do that with kids that are their bio kids. For you to do this with your step daughter speaks volumes about your character.
      GOOD LUCK!

  5. HELP ME says:

    Help with custody laws in kansas?
    What is the age that a child can decide which parent he/she chooses to live with in kansas?
    14 year old. 50/50 custody. Been abused by father, revuses to go back to his house.
    Now he is going for full custody of her and her 3 younger siblings….

    • ∞infiniti∞ says:

      The judge will take a child’s wishes into consideration beginning at the age of 12 or 13. However, the welfare of the child would the judge’s first concern. The child cannot choose who he wants to live with, but rather his wishes will be considered.

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